Laurie's Indiana Cemeteries

Redbrush Cemetery

Located at 4495 west on the south side of 200 south across
from the Oakgrove Methodist Church. Some of the stones
have been reset, and it seems to be nicely taken care of.
The index I am using was taken off of the Whitley
County website.

Redbrush Photos


Aker, Ann daughter of J and M, d. 1860 aged 9 months
Aker, Jacob son of J and MB, d.1864
Aker, John son of J and M, d. 1850 aged 11
Aker, Mary daughter of J and M, d. 1857 aged 6
Anderson, Adolph D "Bud", 1902 -1980 Pvt US Army WWII
Anderson, Archie E 1889-1910 Co G 3rd Inf ING
Anderson, Cassius M son of JR and L, d. 1865 aged 6
Anderson, Charles L 1874-1877
Anderson, Clyde B 1870-1872
Anderson, Infant daughter of WS and RM
Anderson, James W son of JR and L, d.1843 aged 1
Anderson, John R 1816-1909
Anderson, Lucinda wife of John, d. 1878 aged 54
Anderson, May C daughter of JR and L, d. 1867 aged 3
Anderson, May Morena daughter of JR and L, d. 1861 aged 1
Anderson, Merle Rose daughter of WS and RM, d. 1837 aged 4
Anderson, Rose May 1862-1932
Anderson, William S 1850-1918

Beckler, M d. 1866 aged 50
Betzner, Adarine V wife of F T, 1875-1925
Betzner, Bernice
Betzner, Catharine wife of Owen, 1836-1925
Betzner, Cynthia wife of John J, d. 1862 aged 31
Betzner, Fred 1884-1911
Betzner, Harriet wife of John 1861-19
Betzner, John A 1856-1910
Betzner, John J, d. 1878 aged 73
Betzner, Leander
Betzner, Mary wife of John, d. 1853 aged 49
Betzner, Mary E wife of Fred 1887-1939
Betzner, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1863 aged 2
Betzner, Owen, d. 1873 aged 39
Betzner, Rhoda
Bolinger, Eli S 1864-1949
Bolinger, Melissa M wife of Eli S, 1869-1948
Bolinger, Peter 1823-1909
Bolinger, Phebe E wife of J D, d. 1895 aged 29
Burkholder, Perly L 1894-1895

Chapman, unknown, son of JLB and C, 1888-1895
Clapp, Barbara wife of Tobias, d. 1846 aged 68
Conrad, Alexander d. 1866 aged 57

DeWitt, Jonathan d. 1847 aged 31.
He was an officer under Gen Worth in Mexico
Dillman, Bertha M 1879-1924
Dillman, Franklin 1913-1983
Dillman, Mary Alice 1804-1865
Dillman, Samuel E 1878-1922
Dillman, Vera M 1899 -1984

Eber, John 1820-1891
Eber, John Jr 1863-1887
Eber, Mary wife of John, 1823-1896
Eber, Rosa daughter of John and Mary, 1865-1879
English, Thomas 1835-1854
Essig, Adam son of G and C, d. 1850 aged 18
Essig, Benjamin d. 1865 aged 1
Essig, Catharine wife of George, d. 1872 aged 75
Essig, David 1837-1882
Essig, Elizabeth wife of David, 1839-1932
Essig, George d. 1866 aged 75
Essig, George W d. 1890 aged 60
Essig, Leah daughter of Jacob and Sarah,d. 1872 aged 3
Essig, Mary P wife of George, d. 1892 aged 60
Essig, William A d. 1861 aged 9 months
Essinger, Jacob d. 1863 aged 44

Feller, Cornelius d. 1847 aged 23
Fox, Asher J son of J and FS, d. 1888 aged 3
Fox, Clyde L 1892-1963
Fox, Frances S wife of John, 1856-1933
Fox, Gertrude wife of Clyde, 1912-1938
Fox, James A 1938-
Fox, John 1854-1931
Fox, Mary A daughter of G and SJ, d. 1861 aged 21 days
Froman, Barbra 1823-1878
Froman, Jacob 1823-1875
Fullmer, Jacob d. 1872 aged 65
Fullmer, Jacob, aged 20
Fullmer, Mary L wife of J, 1828-1899

Graham, Aretus H son of John and Mary C, d. 1860 aged 10 months
Graham. John 1826-1906
Graham, John d. 1865 aged 20
Graham, Mary C wife of John, d. 1863 aged 30
Graham, Melvin P d. 1865 aged 11
Graham, Nancy wife of John 1836-1910

Harris, Sylva A wife of James, d. 1860 aged 20
Heinley, Alfred son of William and E, 1878 -1881
Heinley, Clyde E son of William and E, 1892-1905
Heinley, Elizabeth daughter of H and I, d. 1860 aged 21
Heinley, Elizabeth wife of William 1855-1910
Heinley, Henry d. 1853 aged 53
Heinley, Henry d. 1897 aged 61
Heinley, Susan wife of Henry, d. 1885 aged 36
Heinley, William 1840-1904
Heinley, William H son of Wm and E

Kasner, John d. 1857 aged 83
Kasner, Susanna wife of John, d. 1853 aged 74
Kistler, Jacob d. 1861 aged 75
Kistler, Jacob 1817-1875
Kistler, Jacob 1840-1912
Kistler, Julann wife of the 1840 Jacob, d. 1901 aged 62
Kistler, Mary C wife of Jacob, d. 1853 aged 72
Kistler, Rebecca wife of Jacob, d. 1904 aged 71
Kistler, Sophia wife of Jacob Jr., d. 1855 aged 37
Knisley, Edna G wife of Walter A 1883-1920
Knisley, Phebe E daughter of P and L, d. 1860 aged 9
Knisley, Walter A 1883-1959
Koplin, William P d. 1863 aged 25

Lahr, Margaret wife of John, d. 1879 aged 25
Long, Barnard son of B and M, d. 1861 aged 3 days
Long, Barnard 1830-1880
Long, Margaret wife of Barnard, d. 1879 aged 39

Martin, Harry S son of WW and SE Martin, d. 1877 aged 3
Martin, Sarah E wife of Warren W, 1850-1919
Martin, Warren W 1846-1927
Matthias, Ada F daughter of John and AE, d. 1886 aged 14
Matthias, Anna Elizabeth wife of John, d. 1897 aged 59
Matthias, John 1836-1922
Meier, Jacob, d. 1872 aged 33
Miller, Mary C wife of Pf 1809-1880
Miller, Peter, d. 1865 aged 51
More, Martha J, d. 1866 aged 3
Mosher, Carl M son of EE and C, d. 1891 aged 4
Mosher, Catharine wife of Eugene E, 1866-1947
Mosher, Catherine wife of Eliakim, 1831-1870 aged 38
Mosher, Clara J daughter of E and C, d. 1862 aged 18 days
Mosher, Clydie son of EE and C, d. 1891 aged 8 months
Mosher, Dora wife of Abram H, 1866-1889
Mosher, Eliakim 1830-1910
Mosher, Elizabeth, d. 1859 aged 13
Mosher, Eugene E 1865-1931

Parish, Charley son of S and SE, di. 1874 aged 4 months
Parish, Edward, d. 1881 aged 71
Parish, Sarah Ellen wife of S, 1853-1886
Parrish, Ann wife of Edward, d. 1885 aged 75
Parrish, Maud 1881-1883
Parrish, Samuel 1843-1898, Co G 142 IN Inf
Philip, Adam, d. 1861 aged 70
Philip, Catharine, d. 1864 aged 67

Roberts CW 1872-1933
Roberts, David J 1874-1915
Roberts, Jacob, d. 1878 aged 37
Roberts, John Wesley 1818-1866 aged 47
Roberts, Jonathan 1843-1918
Roberts, Louisa A wife of Jonathan, 1848-1914
Roberts, Margaret wife of John Wesley, 1807-1882
Rupley, John Wesley son of H and P, d. 1862 aged 10 months
Rupley, Joseph Henry son of H and P, d. 1860 aged 3
Rupley, William A son of H and P, d. 1858 aged 2 months

Shorb, Jeremiah F son of A and M, d. 1842 aged 6 mos
Smith, Chloerinda wife of Fred G, 1868-1915
Smith, David J 1848-1896
Smith, Elizabeth J wife of David J, 1853-1943
Smith, Fred G 1858-1939
Smith, James W, broken stone
Smith, Kathleen 1897-1918
Souder, Elizabeth E daughter of C and SA, d. 1862 aged 4
Souder, Henry son of C and S, d. 1865 aged 20
Souder, Mary C daughter of C and S, d. 1846 aged 4 mos
Souder, Sylvanis son of C and S, d. 1857 aged 1

Vanderford, Emmalin 1817-1880

Wager, John, d. 1855 aged 51
Wager, Lydia A, d. 1861 aged 22
Werley, James d. 1860 aged 3
Werley, John d. 1862 aged 10 months

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